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Welcome to the Hand Carved walking stick page.

Scroll down for more information about the wood and process.
Click on a picture for more information abut each stick.

Page updated May. 2015 I HAD some of my sticks listed on Artfire. But Artfire got stupid as so many venue sites do. Be patient. I plan to open a store right here on my own site. YOur welcome to contact me directly if your interested in anything here. Prices range from about $50.00 on up. Just ask.

From now on newest sticks will be added to the top of this list.

horse head tall staff Eagle Head with fringe and beadwork

Medium hight.
Hand carved and hand painted, very strong.
Click the picture for more information.

horse head tall staff Buckskin horse head tall staff

Hand carved and hand painted, VERY tall and very strong.
Click the picture for more information.

red grapes tall hiking staff Red Grapes hiking staff.

Hand carved and hand painted, VERY strong.
Click the picture for more information.

Blue flame walkign stick Alien blue flame decorative walking stick.

Medium hight.
Hand carved and hand painted, thin, not strong.
Click the picture for more information.

Red and yellow twist hiking stick Decorative red and yellow twist walking stick.

Medium hight.
Hand carved and hand painted, corded handle, very light, thin, not strong.
Click the picture for more information.

Snowy Owl hand carved, painted and decorated walking stick. Snowy Owl complete with leather covered hand hold, real beaded trim and feathers.

Tall staff style

Click the picture for more information.

Find it on my artfire shop for sale.

Bald Eagle walking stick #2 Native American Bald Eagle staff version 2.

Tall staff style
Hand carved and hand painted, complete with leather trim and real glass seed beadwork.
Click the picture for more information.

Spirit Faces Spirit faces, made with polymer clay

Tall staff style
Hand carved and hand painted. VERY unique, includes five faces and leaves cast from leaves in my own garden.
Click the picture for more information.

amazon walking stick Amazon Tribal mask walking stick

Tall staff style
Hand carved and hand painted, and complete with matching amazon macaw feathers.
Click the picture for more information.

African style walking stick An African theme.

Tall staff style
African in design, with zebra stripe and african shields. Click the image for more information.

Blue and Gold Macaw walking stick Amazon, Blue and Gold Macaw staff

Tall staff style
Very detailed carving, hand painted, and this unique staff is adorned with three faux turquoise stones, and a few bunches of real macaw feathers.
Click the picture for more information.

native American Eagle stick Native American Bald Eagle staff

Tall staff style
Native American staff with carved feathers, hand carved sead beads, and with a bald Eagle sitting on the top.

beach walking stick The Beach stick.

Tall staff style.
Made with real beach rocks right off the shores of Lake Michigan.
Take a look.

lucky dice Lucky 7 Dice walking stick.

Short style, unusual handle but very comfortable.

Grape vine stick Grapevine walking stick.

Short style, nice handle.


Siamese Cat walking stick.

First short style with a handle.

The Wizard stick.

Definately worth a look. Even though it's sold, if you really like it, send me a note.
I did it once, I can do it again.

nature walking stick Nature Walking Staff

My very first walking stick. Not for sale, I use this one myself, but have a look anyway.
This is a tall straight model.

Some general quick info here;

I started making these several years ago when I bought a power tool for an unrelated project.
Just for fun thought I'd try a stick and I've been hooked ever since.

What kind of wood?
I wish I knew. But I rarely do. (The few I know I'll post in the individual section.) I find most of my wood while out on a trail in the woods near my home in SW lower Michigan. I know these are not pine. (Too soft, and that definately smells like pine so I'd know.) Trees around would include, birch, tulip poplar, sycamore, oak, (these are probably not oak.) And honestly, I don't know what these are. If I had to guess, I'd say most are probably tulip popular. Very common here. All I know is they stand my test for strength, and are fairly easy to carve.
Here is a photo of a collection of sticks in my possibly carve stash.
(Note: the third one from the right in this photo happens to be the one that ended up as my Spirit Faces stick above.)

Are they strong? Most? yes. The few I list here that might be a little more delicate, I'll state that in the details page.
For most, when I come across a stick in the woods, and it looks about the right size and shape, the first test it gets, is can I put my weight on it? Mind you folks, I weigh nearly 300lbs. so when I put MY weight on it, and it doesn't snap, that's quite a test!
Next, I let the sticks sit in my garage for some time. If it starts to crack, it's firewood. If not, I may start carving. Sometimes I will carve green wood then let it sit. Again, cracks mean it's kindling. (Some very fine surface cracks may be filled with wood putty but only IF these are VERY small cracks.) After it's carved, I use acrylic artist grade paints. Some sticks may be painted with very thin paint then sanded. It gives it an old world look. ALL sticks are then sealed with an acrylic clear coat, and all then get fitted with rubber feet. (Yes you can remove that if you want.)

In general, I seem to be making two sizes.
Tall STAFF varieties are aprox 60+ inches tall. These are relatively straight sticks with no "handle." Excellent for hiking trails.
The shorter ones, (I started making after someone requested it,) are somewhat harder to come by as I find natural sticks with a "handle." These are just short of one yard. About 34".
34" is comfortable for me. However, I can make one to fit your needs just as easy.
All of the thumb nail images on this page link to more pictures and individual stick details, including a full length of the stick and most of those were taken with a yard stick leaning next to the walking stick for an easy size comparison.

Please note, if you have a medical condition that requires you to have a very strong stick to rely on, please go to a medical supply store and buy a real one. Even though these can support me, they are all natural wood and I make NO guarantee as to if, or when it might break. I'd suggest the tall staffs for hiking, short sticks for anyone wanting a little extra support, (my husband used one for a bit when he hurt his ankle. He said it was helpful.)

And heck, they just look darn cool! Some people actually collect these as art. Mine very much qualify as pieces of art. I will guarantee you get at least a few compliments.

Look through the pages here. Even if a stick is marked sold, if you really like it, contact me with a request. I can do a design again. (No two will be exactly the same.)

Do I take requests?
Your sure welcome to ask. But please know that I only do carving outside when time and weather permits.
Hence, I only make a few sticks a year. And what I carve, pretty much has to fit with the particular piece of wood I have on hand.
Not all ideas will work with the wood I have available.

Finally, over the past few years, it seems people ask me for something, we spend a LOT of time going back and forth with emails, Then poof! I never hear back. WTH??? I don't ask for deposits for these only because frankly I never know how a stick will come out until it's nearly done. But it seems without a deposit, people seem to think they can waste my time for nothing.
So yea, I'll entertain any request. It never hurts to ask. No guarantee it will happen. But go right ahead and ask. If it's something that might sell even if you vanish, I just might make it anyway.
Cheers and thanks for looking.

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