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Beach walking stick At the Beach
Tall straight style.

Well this one definately needs some explaination.

There are actual beach rocks, all found at Silver Beach in St. Joe on Lake Michigan.
Let me tell you, this one took some time to get right. I had to carve pockets for each stone exactly to size, making sure the stones fit snug, and deep enough so glue would make a strong seal. After the glue and paint are dry, I used a thicker coat of gloss on this one so the rocks look perpetually wet.

Also, very hard to see here but the sand colored part where the beach stones are nested, and again at the bottom, is painted with acylic paint with sand in it. So it's got that rough sand texture. The very bottom is painted in transparant blue gloss to simulate water.

Note, the rocks make this particular stick a little more top heavy than most. Still a unique walking stick. Especially if you like beach boardwalks.

Beach walking stick Beach walking stick
Beach walking stick Beach walking stick
Beach walking stick

Jenny Mehlenbeck is the creator and owner of Artmakers Worlds 1999 - now.