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Eagle Staff version #2 Eagle staff version 2

This eagle staff is even taller than my first version. And a very odd shape to boot. But as with all my sticks, I use them myself before adding them to my site and this one, despite the unusual shape is very nice to walk with. The bend right in the hand hold area allows your wrist to not have to be at a constant 45 degree angle from the stick.

I sat in my yard for the longest time looking at this stick trying to figure out if or what I should carve it into. While looking up at it, the knot, that became this eagles beak, just cried out eagle! And yes, it's in a somewhat unusual pose sort of cocked sideways and leaning forward. Actually the pose means there really is not front or back to this staff. That eagle looks good from all sides. I've uploaded a few shots showing this.

This is the first time I tried using leather on a staff too. I've seen some where the entire hand hold area is covered. Not quite brave enough to attempt that right away I settled on a decorative band and kept up my usual hand painted faux sheeth of a hand hold. Especially since this stick is so curvy right there, I didn't think I could pull off a leather handle.

Next, as a kid I loved Native American bead work. Every vacation we went on I nagged my mother to buy me beads as souvenirs. She seldom would so I bought a small loom and learned to make my own.
Now I haven't done that in many years and long ago lost the loom. However, a local bead shop by me carries all the supplies. So why not? The Bald Eagle is a powerful symbol to the Native American people. it just needs more of a Native American decoration to be part of the staff. My previous stick I carved and painted a faux bead band and carved eagle feathers to go with it. Well this one has real bead work, real leather, and though I can't use real Bald Eagle feathers, I found some on line that at least look the part. Those are turkey feathers, but the color pattern is as close as I could find and not violate any laws.

As of yet, this staff is in my personal collection. I can't figure out a way to safely box it for shipping. If and when I do I'll list it on my etsy shop. Otherwise, sorry, unless your near SW Michigan, this one will remain in my possession.

Tall straight style. Though not so straight, very comfortable to walk with.

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face walking stick face walking stick
face walking stick face walking stick
face walking stick face walking stick
face walking stick All my sticks are signed, this is just the first time I included a picture.

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