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Red and yellow twist decorative walking stick Blue Flame walking stick

This stick is one of two I had carved, then left sit for several years.
This one and the red and yellow twist stick.
I don't know what I was thinking. Bored probably and just wanted to carve something and grabbed a marginal piece of wood to play with.
After I finished the carving, I realized these sticks had too much of a curve to them. Combined with being very thin, they are NOT strong at all.
They would not pass my strength test. In fact, put much pressure on these and they will likely snap.

That being said, I got tired of them being in my way and finally decided to just paint them up.
Now I have tried using both, and if you just want something cool, perhaps for a little extra balance, or to test a trail before stepping into muck,
this stick would work fine. It's not like it's so fragile you can't use it. Just don't count on putting any weight on it at all.

This piece of wood I decided to carve because I liked the wood despite it's obvious curve. I wouldn't swear to what type of wood this is, but if I had to guess, I'd say cherry.
I thought the bark on it was too interesting to simply remove which is what I usually do.
I settled for sanding it smooth but leaving most of it on. Then had the idea to cut those diamond shape things out down to the wood underneath.
But then what? The bend in the stick means it's not at all strong. And I didn't really have a plan for how to paint it. So I let it sit.

Well I finally got around to doing something with this. I mixed up some blues, mostly phalo blue which is a color that would NEVER appear on wood in nature.
And being the sci-fi nut I am, I thought if I painted the inner wood with this bright blue, even mixed in a little iridescent medium to the blue to give it an unnatural shine,
it looks like something alien. The title I gave it, "Blue Flame" well it sort of reminds me of a stylized flame pattern.
That's my story on the name and I'm sticking with it. I gave each diamond shape a slightly darker outline to enhance the shinny blue inside. Left the bark alone
and gave the whole thing a few coats of gloss for added protection.
I do like how this one came out. As a decorative piece it's pretty darn cool. Just don't count on it for climbing or support. It's not that strong.

Thin, medium hight, NOT strong. Mostly decorative or use for a little extra balance.

Blue Flame walking stick Blue Flame walking stick
Blue Flame walking stick Blue Flame walking stick
Blue Flame walking stickk Blue Flame walking stick

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