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Spirit Faces walking stick Spirit Faces Walking stick
Made with polymer clay faces and leaves
Tall straight style.

To date, this is by far the most unique staff I've made.
Hand carved and painted with high quality artist grade acrylic paints. Fall orange leaves wind around the base of this cane.
The top, I had planned to carve something else only there is a hard as steal knot in the wood right there. So I went with that and made sort of a flower bud of some kind.
Around the mid section, are two faces bordered with leaves. I like to think of them as a woman and man, or perhaps sun and moon.
The woman, would be the one on top, slightly larger. (most important as it should be.) lol.
The man, or moon is on the opposite side. Look at both and tell me what you think.
Also... three very small faces are hidden among the knots in the staff further down.

The leaves in this piece, were cast from molds I made using leaves in my own garden. Then given a shinny coat of pearl ex powder.

I have used polymer clay on carvings before but always pre baked pieces glued in place. However, this staff I had to cure the clay right ON the stick.
I used a heat gun to do the majority of the curing, but.... not sure if this would totally cure the clay all the way though, I had the idea to simply put this staff in my car,
in the heat of summer, the inside of a car can easily reach 200 + f. Plenty hot enough to finish any curing that may not have been done with a heat gun.

I've used this staff a few times myself, (I usually do,) and it's very comfortable to walk with, and so far I don't see any problems with the clay.

This stick is signed and dated, (very small, hard to notice.) It is a work of art.

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face walking stick face walking stick
face walking stick

Jenny Mehlenbeck is the creator and owner of Artmakers Worlds 1999 - now.