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Red Grapes walking stick Native American style Eagle Head stick
With deer skin leather covered handle, long fringe and beadwork.

Medium hight Eagle head walking stick with leather handle, fringe and beadwork.

Originally I was asked to make a shorter, simple stick with a bird head on top. (And it wasn't even an eagle, I forgot what the request was for.)
Well my requester vanished. Eh, it happens. I already started carving out a basic bird head shape and decided to just make another Eagle stick only this one would be smaller and much less involved.
Trying to keep the price down and make this a quickie project, rather than carving in a wood grain, I merely painted one. The Eagle head is pretty basic, and that was going to be that.

Yea well... I got carried away. This stick was actually carved and painted a year before this post and had been sitting around.
I only recently decided to go ahead and give it a real deer skin covered handle. Which after I got all sewed on realized I cut it just a tad too short. Now I could have simply braided some leather, made a band and called it done. But nooooo. Beads! Yea this one really needs some beadwork.
OMG every time I do this I remember why bead work is such a pain! This is only a short little band of beads but it took hours to complete.
First the bead pattern is drawn up on graph paper to fit in the space I have to work with. Then it's woven on a loom. Once the end threads are individually tied together, the piece is sewn onto a strip of leather. Then that strip is sewn onto the stick and onto the leather I already had in place.
A thin band of braiding gives it a finished look.
Then... I seem to have started adding dangling things to my sticks lately. Feathers, fringe, perhaps at some point I'll attach a small pouch. But something really does give the stick a little something extra so as you move or as the wind blows there is that added motion.
I always keep my moving bits out of the way. Below the hand hold is the best spot.
All that extra bling with the beadwork and leather means this won't end up being a "cheap" stick. It's a one of a kind, work of art.

And as with all my sticks, the paint used is an artist grade acrylic, with several coats of clear gloss for added protection.
A rubber foot is at the base. (yes removable.)

Measurements, the stick is about 5 feet 4 1/2 inches tall. There is 17 inches of fringe at the mid section. It's plenty strong and would work out fine in use. In fact I do use all of my sticks until such time as they are sold. (So the replaceable rubber foot might show signs of wear, nothing more.)

One last point. I am not a Native American. Perhaps in a past life, but if your looking for genuine made by a real Native American piece, this isn't it.
I simply love and admire the people, their lifestyle and their artwork. It's not my intent in any way to compete with or infringe on their art. So if that's what your shopping for, be aware. Mine is in the "style of" only.

Eagle head Native America walking stick Eagle head Native America walking stic
Eagle head Native America walking stic Eagle head Native America walking stic
Eagle head Native America walking stic Eagle head Native America walking stic
Eagle head Native America walking stic Eagle head Native America walking stic
Eagle head Native America walking stic

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