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nature walking stick Nature stick.
My very first attempt and therefore,
Not for SALE.

This is the one that started it all. I bought a dremel power tool and just for the heck of it, thought I'd see if I could carve the twist in wood look. BZZZZZIP and wow! That was easy!

I just let the stick tell me what to do. There is a turtle on the side that was actually a knot. The green snake is basically the same twist effect, only with a face added.
The fux leather sheeth thing seems to be a repeated theme with me. Easy to do and very comfortable to hold. And I get comments on the paint job all the time.
So. even though I won't part with my first effort, if you like this one, and like certain elements, please do let me know.

nature walking stick nature walking stick
nature walking stick nature walking stick

Jenny Mehlenbeck is the creator and owner of Artmakers Worlds 1999 - now.