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Egg Kaleidoscope, peach rose garden Egg kaleidoscope, peach rose garden with purple butterflies.
This is my second try at an egg kaleidoscope. And just like the first one, I formed the egg shape with clay, totally by hand and not with a pre shaped wood form. This gives my egg a lot of weight. A good solid piece that looks fantastic on display and fun to pick up and use as well.

The design comes from taking slices of my own polymer clay canes and applying to the last layer of my egg shape before it's baked.
(Look at my Polymer clay cane page to see every cane I've ever made. Including all the ones used in this kaleidoscope.)
Once all the slices are applied, I use an acrylic roller to smooth the surface as much as possible. After baking the whole thing is sanded repeatedly and buffed with a dremmel. I gave my eggs a thin protective acrylic clear coat just for a little extra shine.

I gave this one some leaves as a nice base which are complimented by the matching stand.

Actually.... I made an error in construction and didn't account for the metal chamber piece not screwing in all the way down. Had to do something to fill the gap. This worked.)

I tried to include a view of the actual chamber thought it's a bit blurry. Sorry, still working on better ways to photograph such a tiny chamber. I'll keep trying. Just know that I do try to select gems that match the design. I think I'll always focus on doing that.

Egg Kaleidoscope peach roses
Egg Kaleidoscope peach roses
Egg Kaleidoscope peach roses
Egg Kaleidoscope peach roses

Jenny Mehlenbeck is the creator and owner of Artmakers Worlds 1999 - now.