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teleidoscope kaleidoscope Roman Teleidoscope Kaleidoscope
This kaleidoscope actually uses a crystal ball instead of a chamber with colorful pieces inside.
So this means what ever you look at will be changed into a kaleidoscope image.
I personally find these way more entertaining than any kaleidoscope. Watching my screen saver through this is awesome! Tv, even commercials is interesting. Hold your finger up to the end. Look into your cats face.

Note... I'm still learning how to make these things with polymer clay. This unit is two separate pieces so you can rotate the end piece and make the image change. However, nothing holds the two pieces together.
It's simply one large end cap over a narrow tube. And the ball just sits in there and will roll out if you pull the two halves apart.
Still, just don't hold it with one hand and look down. The two pieces feel smooth as you turn it. The whole thing has a good heavy feel to it. The matching stand was designed to support both halves with that joining band in it's own space. A very artistic piece to display and even more fun to use.

Roman Teleidoscope
Roman Teleidoscope
Roman Teleidoscope
Roman Teleidoscope

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