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steampunk kaleidoscope Steampunk Kaleidoscope
My very first attempt and therefore,
Not for SALE. At least not yet.

This one is my first attempt at an oil cell scope. I had the idea to make a steampumk scope and put watch parts in the chamber as well as decoration on the outside.
This scope has a good solid and heavy feel to it. I made it in more of a square shape to look more industrial. The gear and machine like assemblies are only on the sides. You hold the scope on top and bottom.
This is a two piece scope and the inside is a simple cardboard tube.
I don't like the way the two pieces feel when turned and until I come up with a fix for that, this one will remain "in the collection of the artist."

nature walking stick
nature walking stick
nature walking stick
The view inside..... this is an oil chamber so bits move much smoother as it's turned.
The contents include bits of colored glass and beads, a little bit of flake glitter and.... watch parts! Yes there are gears and watch parts in the mix.
Makes for a very interesting mix in a very unusual scope. Here are just a few images.
nature walking stick
nature walking stick

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