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Welcome to my collection of every polymer clay cane I ever made. (Lots of images on this page, be patient.)

Arranged by type.

Well I sort of gave up on opening a store on my own site. Code is just beyond me, and software to build sites is also proving to be more of a headache than it's worth. So phoey, ebay it is.
I don't yet have an "ebay store." I will once I get enough listings to merit paying rent. But I'm easy enough to find, my user name is the same as my domain name here. ArtmakersWorlds
I already have several clay canes listed, as well as a few other things. Will be adding to this every week.

I keep seeing people land on this page looking for instructions on what to do with clay canes. So I took a photo that might help. And I LOVE talking clay with anyone. If you need help, by all means drop me a note.

The cane >>>A polymer clay cane ready to use And stuff I made with it. >>> Tin, pen, and beads made with clay cane slices

To Use; ANYONE can use polymer clay canes. With a straight blade, half a razor blade will work, or a long exacto knife, or better yet, buy a tissue blade specially made for polymer clay.
Slice off a piece. Place on a tile, or you can use a tin foil covered cookie sheet. Ceramic tiles can be had at any home improvement store though and work great for clay. Better still, pull out a plain piece of paper, printer paper is fine. Lay your clay on that and prevent shinny sides.
Bake in your oven at 265f for 30 min per quarter inch. (So if you slice thin, less baking time is needed. You can always bake again.)
That's it! The clay cures to a nice easy to work with plastic. Drill a hole and make jewelry. Slice thicker pieces and a hole can be drilled through from side to side for stringing.
OR... you can apply very thin slices to any surface that can take baking, smooth with a roller to form a veneer, and bake.
That photo above shows an altoids tin, a nice twist pen and some puffy pillow beads all made with that cane.

Feather canes have exceeded 100 images!
I've moved them to their own page.
Flower Canes
Clay cane Purple Pansy Clay cane Pink Pansy Clay cane Purple Rose Clay cane Red Rose Clay cane Red Rosebud
Clay cane Purple Morning Glory Clay cane Blue Morning Glory Clay cane Purple Peony Match this bead Another Pink Pansy
Clay cane Red Rose Clay Orange Sunflower Clay Yellow Sunflower Clay cane Blue Aster Clay cane Blue Pansy
Clay cane Orange Pansy Clay cane PeaceRose Bud Clay cane Peace Rose young Clay cane Peace Rose Adult Clay cane Impatience
Clay cane Impatience Clay cane purple flower yellow center Clay cane purple flower Clay cane big red flower Purple Edge red rose cane
Yellow and peach rose cane DIzzy Daisy cane Orange Mum polymer clay cane yellow Mum polymer clay cane  dahlia cane in mauve
Peach Rose polymer clay cane Orange Rose polymer clay cane Almost black Rose polymer clay cane Purple Pansy polymer clay cane Yellow Pansy Polymer clay cane
Yellow Tiger Lily polymer clay cane Red Tiger Lily polymer clay cane Pink and tan flower polymer clay cane purple and yellow fuzzy flower cane hot pink flower polymer clay cane
Pink and yellow rose flower cane Bright daisy like green and orange flower cane swirly pale yellow with orange and green flower cane yellow and white little flower cane
Flower Petal canes.
With samples of what you can make with these below (when available.)
Slices can be sculpted, and shaped. Stacked together to form flowers.
First petal cane Blue and pink petal cane Petal cane in glitter red and pinks Petal cane in tan, cream and pink Petal cane sunflower yellow
Jumbo flower made with petal cane slices No sample at this time. Jumbo red flower with vintage button center Tan and pink jumbo flower Big sunflower
Clay cane Small green leaf Fern Leaf Clay cane Spring green leaf Clay cane Yellow edge Clay cane Mint green leaf cluster
Clay cane Red leaf Clay cane Dark Green Leaf Clay cane Another green leaf Clay cane Mint Green leaf Maple Leaf Cane
Fall leaf Fancy Leaf Polymer clay cane Bamboo leaf polymer clay canee Christmas Fern Polymer clay cane Christmas Fern Polymer clay cane
Fearn leaf polymer clay cane Polymer clay leaf with orange veins Polymer clay grape vine leaf Fall leaves bright green leaf cane
Fall fern leaf Bright fall simple leaf cane Bright fall leaf cluster Leaf cane in bright orange Pumpkin orange leaf cluster cane
Green cluster leaf cane Black and silver leaf cane Red leaf cane Elm leaf cane Elm leaf cluster
Green glitter leaf Red glitter leaf cane fancy peach leaf moss green fern leaf cane moss and kelly green fern leaf cane
multi green fern leaf cane red and green fern leaf cane Mint Moss fern leaf cane Olive Green fern leaf cane dark green leaf cane with yellow center
Fern leaf cane with red buds Sky Blue Leaf cane Sky Blue Fern Leaf cane
Orange flame butterfly polymer clay cane Purple butterfly polymer clay cane Luna Moth cane Lady Bug cane Lady Bug on a leaf
Lady Bug on and with an extra leaf
Fruits and Veggies
Clay cane Watermelon Clay cane Avocado Clay cane Orange Clay cane Lemon and Lime Clay cane Pink Grapefruit
Clay cane Blue Grapes Clay cane Red Grapes Clay cane Apple Green Lime Clay cane Strawberry slice
Animal Print
Clay cane Cow Spot Clay cane Tiger Stripe Clay cane zebra Stripe Clay cane Tiger Stripe Clay cane Leopard without the black border
Clay cane Zebra Stripe round Clay cane Leopard Spot Clay cane Giraffe Spot Clay cane Patchwork animal skin Zebra
Plain Purple strip by request Blue Jaguar by request Purple Tiger Stripe Blue Tiger Stripe by request Red Tiger Stripe by request
Giraffe spot cane another zebra stripe Rainbow Tiger stripe Rainbow tiger stripe version two Hot pink tiger stripe
Make your own EYES
Clay cane Orange Eyeball Clay cane Green Eyeball Clay Cane Blue Eyeball Blue Eye on a finished bead Green Eye on a finished bead
Green and Orange eye
Aquatic themed. More to come, slowly. These take forever to make.
Koi Pond miniature Koi white with orange spots Koi orange
Misc.... (Until I make more of a given kind.)
Clay cane Tattoo Red Rose Clay cane heart on a stone wall Clay cane Valentine Hearts Clay cane Lonely Heart Clay cane Tattoo Heart
Clay cane Zuni Bear Clay cane Celtic Knot Clay cane Three moon wiccan Clay cane heart in wire Clay cane Moon and Stars
Clay cane, fire Clay cane Brain Spiral Pentagram in color Pentagram Black and white black and white something or other
Clay cane, fire Clay Cane Gas Flame Orange honeycomb Clay cane Snow Flakes Another snow flake
Autism Awareness polymer clay cane African print clay cane Triquetra polymer clay cane Celtic Knot Shamrock cane
Simple spiral Breast Cancer Ribbon plain Breast Cancer ribbon with dalmatian spots camouflage army ribbon polymer clay cane American Flag polymer clay cane
Veterans ribbon polymer clay cane klemt design in black and white Native American Medicine wheel cane Faux Turquoise Clay cane Q-Bert pattern
Spiral polymer clay cane Spiral polymer clay cane Spiral polymer clay cane Purple spots polymer clay cane honeycomb extruded polymer clay
Lets play Cards
Clay cane Full deck of cards Cards collage cane> Four individual card suit canes Four suit cards cane Pattern of card suits cane
Translucent canes.
Geode cane Stain Glass Stain Glass Bargello wrought iron
Sun Sun stain glass Translucent feather polymer clay cane Stain Glass with quilt center Translucent quilt clay cane
Confetti translucent polymer clay cane Yellow Cells translucent polymer clay cane Purple Cells translucent polymer clay cane Stain Glass Heart translucent polymer clay cane Translucent green cells
Translucent pink cells Translucent stain glass window Translucent confetti
Pink Stripe Kaleidoscope cane Scrap  Kaleidoscope cane Green Kaleidoscope Pink Kaleidoscope Fruit basket kaleidoscope cane
Mini Rose Kaleidoscope Clay cane Yellow and Blue scrap kaleidoscope Clay cane silver blue and black scrap kaleidoscope Clay cane Browns and orange kaleidoscope Clay cane pink and purple swirl kaleidoscope
Clay cane Spiral Checks Clay cane Black, white, gray Lace Clay cane Round orange, green and blue kaleidoscope Clay cane Black, white, gray and turquoise kaleidoscope Clay cane Black white and cool gray kaleidoscope
Clay cane scrap kaleidoscope with watermelons Clay cane scrap Tatoo Kaleidoscope Polymer Clay cane scrap Kaleidoscope Polymer Clay cane Tattoo rose scrap Kaleidoscope Polymer Clay cane Hot pink and yellow
Clay cane scrap pansy kaleidoscope Blue tie did kaleidoscope cane Spring purple flower kaleidoscope cane Hexagon Blue and green polymer clay canes Hot Pink and black polymer clay canes
pink and black kaleidoscope square cane dotted maroon and white quilt cane
Plaid, Checks,
Clay cane Pink and Yellow plaid Clay cane Blue and Purple plaid. Clay cane Fall Color basket weave. Green Plaid polymer clay cane. Clay Purple and Pink Granny Square.
Clay cane Pink and white kaleidoscope plaid. Clay cane Tiny pink and green plaid Clay cane Basket weave Clay cane Pink Bright green and blue check Clay cane black and white check
Clay cane My first plaid Clay Cane, Christmas green, red, white plaid Clay Cane, dark Christmas Plaid Pink Blue and yellow plaid polymer clay cane Yellow and orange check polymer clay cane
Levi Blue Jean plaid polymer clay cane chocolate mint checks blue and green plaid polymer clay cane rainbow dots rainbow extruder cane
Bargello Canes.
Clay cane Turquoise bargello Clay cane Gray and red bargello Clay cane Yellow and Purple Bargello Clay cane Native Blanket variation Clay cane Native Blanket
Clay cane Lime Green Bargello Clay cane teal and purple Bargello Clay cane quilt style Bargello Clay cane another teal Bargello Clay cane Yellow and orange Bargello
Clay cane Peach to brown Bargello Clay cane Pastel Bargello Clay cane Hot Pink Clay cane Green, tan, black and white Clay cane Offset Native bargello
Clay cane Lime Green Bargello Clay cane spring pinks Bargello another native american Bargello green yellow orange bargello clay cane Maroon bargello clay cane
Clay cane monochromatic blue bargello Teal blue bargello polymer clay cane Purple blends to pink bargello cane Moss green bargello cane Autumn orange bargello cane
Earth tones and moss green bargello cane Fuchsia bargello polymer clay cane black and white bargello polymer clay cane pink purple and silver bargello polymer clay cane Dusty rose and shades of gray bargello polymer clay cane
bargello experimental bargello turquoise and brown bargello white and light blue bargello oranges bargello fushia
bargello black and white bargello turquoise and brown
QUILT canes.
prototype quilt cane First large quilt cane fall leaf quilt polymer clay cane Native American turquoise round quilt cane Native American turquoise square quilt cane
Chocolate Mint quilt clay cane polymer clay cane scrappy quilt Hot pink and yellow baby quilt Purple patchwork quilt Red White and Blue star quilt
Hungarian Celtic Knot clay cane Hungarian quilt polymer clay cane Hungarian quilt pattern clay cane Red Hearts quilt cane Yellow Star quilt cane
Green and metallic gold
Man in the moon 2 Happy Clown face cane Face in the Moon
Custom Requests
Sock Puppet original Sock Puppet Monkey And here is a request for this cute little sock puppet monkey.
The original image (pulled off the net) and my clay cane version.
Match this bead I LOVE requests for special canes.
For this one, a customer of mine asked for a cane that matches the beads in this photo.
She makes spindles for spinning wheels and wanted to use polymer clay to add weight.
I wanted longer flower petals just as in the bead, but ran of yellow half way into this.
I got the color down though didn't I?
Flag Relay for Life ribbon Simple black spots Logo request CV black on purple Childhood Cancer Gold Ribbon cane
Autism puzzle piece cane 1D logo request red and white 1D logo request black and white M&M letter M request Monster logo request
Sun medallion Runner cane Organ donor awareness green ribbon cane
Seasonal Holiday
Spider web cane Clay cane Glow in the dark GHOST Clay cane Halloween bat Clay Cane spooky spider web Christmas Candy Cane
Polymer clay poinsettia cane Polymer clay poinsettia cane

Click the image for a larger view.

Many of the items pictured are still available for sale./td>
"Mokume Gane" is a term taken from metal workers who fuse multiple sheets of metals together, distress them, pound, hammer, and when smoothed the resulting pattern resembles burl wood.
The technique can be applied to polymer clay. Many layers of clay are rolled very thin through a pasta machine. Pearl clays, translucent clays, some opaque clays, pearl powders, and even gold leaf are included in the stack. Balls of clay are made with these stacks, layers of all these clay are wrapped around the balls. All this gets compressed further and finally, when slices are taken from the block, the result is very attractive and resembles the pattern of burl wood. (though much more colorful.) Faux stones or faux abalone can be made this way as well. Baked sheets from the block then cut into little chips make fantastic mosaic pieces. OH so many things you can do with this.
Pink Mokume Gane Green Mokume Gane Gold metallic cane size mokume gane Pearly Pinks cane size mokume gane Translucent pinks and blues Mokume Gane
Black Pearl Mokume Gane Blues Mokume Gane Pearl Mokume Gane Green and tan Mokume Gane

Jenny Mehlenbeck is the creator and owner of Artmakers Worlds © 1999 - now.