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Welcome to my collection of every polymer clay covered Egg I ever made.

Real eggs have been blown, cleaned and dried, then carefully covered with polymer clay.
Depending on the style, some are smoothed, baked then sanded over and over until glass smooth. Then given a coat of glaze.
Others have some sculpture affixed to the egg. Flowers, sun/moon, even a little chickie. (My first.)
All of these eggs can have a small eye hook attached upon request so they can be hung.
Some come with hand made stands, some do not. See the individual listings for details.

Eggs are highly collectable and not just for holidays. These make wonderful decorations any time of year.
Also... once covered in polymer clay and baked, these eggs are very strong. They are easy to pack and ship anywhere.

Start your collection today!

May 2015 If your interested in anything on this page contact me. Or bookmark my site and check back. I do have plans to open a store right on my site soon.
More coming all the time and will be posted at the top of this page.

True Filigree eggs!
New for 2013. Filigree.
Oh I've made filigree before by making coils of clay and applying, and completely covering an egg. This time, I left the clay pattern open and after baking, soaked the egg for several days in vinegar which dissolves the egg shell leaving behind only the clay. Very lacy and very interesting to use as hanging ornaments.
White filigree egg Filigree polymer clay egg This is a white swirly filigree egg with a gold band, and gold cap. Lightly dusted with pearl ex powder so there is a slight shimmer to this that simply doesn't show up on line. A fine gold chain has been attached so you can hang.
Filigree polymer clay eggFiligree polymer clay egg A very unique egg. There are four slices from one of my translucent stain glass polymer clay canes around the mid section of this egg. All the filigree work was done with black clay, textured with a variety of stamps, then dusted with a metallic silver pearl ex powder giving it a look of metal. The stain glass really is translucent. Hang this where the sun might catch it for quite an effect.
I did attach a very small eye hook and loop of monofilament for hanging.
Hinged eggs!
New for 2012, I've just started making hinged eggs. Real, working adorable little trinket boxes.
And yes, I do start with a real cleaned blown egg shell. However, these are anything but fragile. Once covered inside and out with sometimes several layers of clay, the egg has a nice heavy solid feel to it.
This is quite a long process requiring several phases of adding and baking. So don't expect to see new ones added very frequently. But these are fun to make and I do have several in the works at the time of this post.
Hinged polymer clay egg Hinged polymer clay granite egg And this one is my first. (Or should I say my first successful one. I have a pile of first attempts in the trash.) Once I got the hang of covering the egg with clay, THEN cutting it, then fit where the hinge will go and make sure it is aligned right, all that was the biggest hurtle. This one is my very first jewel.

I filled the base half way with scrap clay to give it some weight. Then made a little "pillow" and lined the sides of the base with matching material. The inside of the lid is simply painted black. This little egg makes a wonderful ring box. (darn it I should have added a picture with a ring in there.)

The outside granite color is from one of my own mokume gane clay blends. I love making those and use a lot of translucent clays infused with gold leaf, or pearl powders, or dyes. When slices are taken off such a block of clay and applied, say to an egg, smoothed then baked. Then sanded and buffed, the effect is amazing. There is a luster that just does not show up here.

Hinged polymer clay egg with dolphin inside the dolphin hinged polymer clay egg Dolphin close up. Another hinged egg. This one features a hand sculpted dolphin on top of a swirly sea of waves.

INSANITY four eggs in one. OH GOD what WAS I thinking???
Yes... I had the brilliant idea to suspend a tiny egg, (I think this is parakeet.) Inside a chicken egg, inside a goose egg, inside an emu egg!
Yes, each one is a real egg. Blown, and covered very carefully with polymer clay. (In hindsight, that small one in the middle was so thin and impossible to press clay onto, I probably could have just made that with solid clay. But I didn't. It's a real egg.)

The process was a royal pain. The first egg was made, then the next, the chicken egg is clay covered. Cured, and sawed in half. I hang the small egg inside, cover the chicken egg with clay and bake again. Then the next egg is done the same way, and finally the large emu egg. I thought this would go smoothly but oh hell no! Many issues had to be resolved along the way.
The emu egg is naturally that beautiful green, and is also much stronger as it is so I left much of it the natural green.
I was up against the clock trying to finish this and the stand was sort of an afterthought. The egg is hangable and would probably look best hanging.
This egg was made specifically to enter a contest.
The March 2012 addition of PolymerClayCentral. Theme "eggs"
I didn't win that one. Oh well. Can't win them all as much as I'd like to.
I'm going to go ahead and list this for sale but honestly, for the time involved, I'm not expecting it to fly off the shelf.
And... don't ever expect to see another one. So if you want something unique? This is it.

Four in one polymer clay egg Four in one polymer clay egg Four in one polymer clay egg

Polymer clay egg
Blue mokume gane design
Mokume gane polymer clay egg
Pink Mokume gane design
Green and blue goose egg
This is a goose egg, covered with greens and blues and a spiral swirl of orange kaleidoscope cane slices.
Pink Kaleidoscope Egg
Pink Kaleidoscope filigree egg
Pink Mokume Gane egg
Pink Mokume Gane Egg
Green Mokume Gane egg
Green Mokume Gane Egg
Pink Mokume Gane egg
Pink Mokume Gane Egg with solid pink top and bottom.
Sunflower and butterfly egg
Sunny sunflowers and butterflies egg.
Egg Purples flowers and butterfly
Purple! Pansies, roses and butterflies.
Egg SW
Egg Sun Moon
Sun Moon, sun side
Egg Sun Moon
Sun Moon, moon side
Egg black white orange
Black and white with funky psyco orange
Egg red rose on light gray
Red Rose on light gray granit
Egg red rose pink
Red rose on pink
Egg Red rose on dark
Red Rose on dark gray granit
Egg Purple Rose
Purple Rose
Egg pansies
Blue and pink Pansies
Egg flower basket
Flower basket front
Egg flower basket
Flower basket back
Egg blue gold glitter
Blue and Gold Glitter
Egg blue green plaid
Blue Glitter with funky green plaid
Egg small plaid
Lime green with tiny orange plaid
Egg Abalone
Abalone Egg
Egg in granit
Pearly granit
Egg blue green
Blue Green Marble
Golden Egg
Golden Egg
Egg Red and Gold
Red and Gold
Egg patchwork
Egg Blue Flowers
Blue Flowers
Egg purple granny
Purple Granny Squares
Egg with Chick
Egg with Chick

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