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Assorted Rants
Yea just got banned for good off Twitter.
THIS tweet is why
And yet the TALIBAN is still on twitter.
My old posts can still be found, here. https://twitter.com/artmakersworlds
(Copy and paste that, I won't give them free links.)
Well... GOOD FOR ELON MUSK!!!!!!! Now I tried logging back into twitter but...
I will NOT give my phone number to ANY SOCIAL MEDIA site.
I would recommend no one does that. Don't you all get enough fake crap BS calls already?
I do, so no. Perhaps they will find another way to be sure I am me, but if it's a phone number they need?
Been doing just fine without twitter, could continue to.

Oh I still have a youtube channel but it's kinda screwed up
They actually had a support link on twitter. BUT they are beyond useless.
Over a YEAR now... around and around with morons who can't read.
I cannot even LOG INTO a gmail account. Get an error just going to gmail
So cannot change my password. Cannot do a lot of things.
Not even going to TRY to upload any new videos.


Google AdSense has been removed!
And I will NEVER BUY ANY google product or service. EVER!
Read about it, click here.

I set up a new page, called Old News

Just like it sounds, old stories I had on my main page here get moved. Too good to trash, but too old to keep on the front page. And when that page grows too long like most blogs tend to, I will add some navigation so you can find what interests you most and skip the rest.

Site building update, clearly it's not. I cannot figure out web building tools by myself. This site is hand coded and it's outdated. So here it sits. Yes I have tons of polymer clay stuff here but sales have to be one on one. Few people go to the trouble. And right now my clay stuff is still on hold, got a room to use but before I could sell some old furniture covid hit and everything ground to a halt.

Michigan road millage is up for a renewal in my township at least.


ArtmakersWorlds is my portfolio space. This is where I show some of the art and crafts I've made. Anything I have for sale on any kind of click and buy it now is on ebay. Or look around here, ask me if your interested in anything. Enjoy your visit.

You will NOT find me on etsy, nor will I promote anyone on etsy. Sorry. Read the whole story here.

Artfire just joined my shit list for horrible sites. And they started out so good too. But they sold out. Ads slapped everywhere, and like SO many other sites in the past, complain too much and get booted. So fine. I always said when it stops being fun I stop doing it. Except, people do keep contacting me asking if I have this that or the other for sale. I actually have TONS of stuff I made and had listed elsewhere.
Hoped to build a store right here, but wow. Coding has changed, and software to build a website that is suppose to be so easy? It's not. Ebay has improved some since I last stopped ever listing anything, and they have all the stuff needed for taking payments etc.
So for now, I'm going to try that again. Not counting on this lasting, (didn't before) but we'll see.

Anything you may have found on pinterest or elsewhere (my photos all have watermarks so most people can still find me.) Just contact me directly.
I have sold many pieces directly, it's a little bit more of a pain to e-mail me, find out what I have, wait for me to send a pay pal invoice, and go like that. But it can be done.

Jenny Mehlenbeck is the creator and owner of Artmakers Worlds copyright 1999 - now. Copying, linking to, downloading, or using ANY images off this site without permission is expressly prohibited!
Want to use something here? ASK ME FIRST!!!!

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